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Origin: The Eaters Book One by Corrie Brundage *Exerpt & Giveaway*

Welcome to my tour stop for Origin by Corrie Brundage, the first book in The Eaters trilogy. This is an adult science fiction and the tour runs June 6-July 11 with reviews, interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for more information.

About Origin, The Eaters #1
 So not your usual post-apocalyptic, clone vs. hybrid romance-adventure…

 Brilliant, brave, determined, and just a little bit…distracted.  Meet Dr. Mina Brice, dedicated savior of species, and scientist with a secret. On a planet ravaged by climate change, her ability to mind-meld with earth’s imperiled beasts has made her a valued member of a team dedicated to saving as many as they can from extinction.  Unfortunately, Mina’s inability to connect with her fellow humans has kept most of them at arms length. Except for Jack—handsome, dashing-with-a-touch of goofy, totally distracting Jack. Dr. Jack MacConnell was never supposed to be part of Mina’s gameplan.  But when thrown together on a crazy-dangerous mission, both fate and a deadly tsunami seem determined to propel them down the same fraught—and occasionally delicious—path. Perhaps forever?

 But forever turns out to be a fluid commodity when both awaken 500 years into the future in a city called Origin. Presided over by aliens known as The Travelers, it is a world at once familiar and totally strange. And for Mina and Jack, it will become a battleground…against a hybrid race of predators loosed on the human population, against those whose dark side is so very carefully hidden,  and even, as fate throws a heartwrenching twist their way, against…each other?

Corrie Brundage kicks off The Eaters trilogy with an intoxicating tale of pulse-pounding action for fans of urban fantasy and science fiction to devour and savor.

The world swam in blurred colors and it felt like it was moving in slow motion. The blood had left my head rapidly and my vision became fuzzy, but I could clearly discern the face I had so recently given up all hope of ever seeing again. I lifted an arm to reach out and touch him, absolutely certain this was some kind of hallucination. His own face was blanched with shock but also full of a burning question that had miraculously been answered. And I wasn’t about to start questioning the whys and hows, but instead stood motionless so as to preserve this moment in case it turned out to be a fantasy or a mistake of some kind. Jack, if this was indeed Jack, was also not moving. We stood like statues, just staring at each another. I barely noticed the nurses around us, all of whom had stopped to watch us. We were our own island, and reality hadn’t yet intruded.
It was Jack who took the first step forward. I took a step as well, and then we were embracing, and it was as if 500 years hadn’t passed, it was as if we had been together the day before, and no tragedy had torn us apart or separated us over the arc of time. His arms were strong and warm, and I felt myself sag into them. His hands, those hands I had come to know so well, were stroking my hair, and he was whispering in my ear that now everything would be all right, that I was safe. I felt like a child again, and as if I had been lost but was now found. I turned my face into the crook of his neck and marveled that his scent was somehow the same, that woodsy aroma that reminded me of warm sunshine on green grass. I rested there, the relief of it all washing over me. I had resigned myself to being completely alone in this strange new world, in this strange new city, and here was the person I had longed for, not only in this new life but in my previous life, too. And I allowed myself to feel thankful for the science that had brought him back to me, but I thought perhaps my thanks belonged to some force greater than technology. Jack was pulling my head back to gaze into my face, and my eyes were just as hungrily taking in his appearance. The creases around his eyes were gone. His skin was as smooth and ageless as mine, and his hair no longer had any peppering of gray. I was looking at a twenty-five-year-old version of Jack, but it was unmistakably him. His personality still shone through his eyes, and the smile that was lighting up his face was the same, too. His eyes were taking me in like those of a starving man, and I felt very sure that this was indeed the same man I had died with in Lagos. This was real, and I hugged him as hard as I possibly could. I heard him laugh, and I thanked the stars that even that was the same.

About the Author:

Corrie Brundage is a former model, opera singer, and personal trainer who, out of sheer boredom and personal relief from planetary insanity, completed five novels in the space of twelve months. She pumps iron, is a political junkie, and is a dedicated animal advocate.

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